1. First contact

You decide that you need some interior design help, you find me and you contact me. It helps me a lot to find out a lot of details about your project, your expectations, your ideas. If you also have a layout of that space and some inspirational photos, that's just great!

2. Financial offer

After I have a good understanding of your request, I can send you the financial proposal, as well as the schedule of your project.

3. Measurements

A good project starts with an accurate layout. So I will need to measure every corner of your space. In case of a remote project, I will guide you through this process, so that you will also learn some new skills.

4. Concept

Having the correct layout and your wishes, I can now start the project. This means that I create the space(s) in 3D, according to your needs. I add colors, textures, real furniture and lightning and then I generate the 3D renders. These ones are photorealistic images of your space, for a better understanding of the proposal.

5. Adjustment

Sometimes I get it right from the first, sometimes the project needs some adjustments to be exactly what you expected. In this stage I can make modifications to the 3D project (furniture, colors, etc), until we achieve the final "yes".

6. Technical project

Having the final 3D project, I start to create all the layouts necessary to implement. So you will receive general blueprints, wall elevations, quantities and custom -made furniture layout (having details regarding size, material and color). I will also provide layouts regarding real furniture items (shop, color, size, etc).

7. Project assistance

After I hand you the complete project, you can control when you want to start the work, you choose your contractor and your furniture constructor. But I am available to help you if you need to decide between some options or you need to adjust some small details during the project implementation.