My name is Alexandra Marian-Hurezan. I am an Interior Designer, with roots in Transylvania and current location in wonderful multicultural Bruxelles. 

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend. I love crafts, knitting, gardening and cooking. 

I am the kind of person that keeps trying until she annoys the others (and I usually unexpectedly succeed in the end). 

If you tell me that something is definitely broken I will find a very creative way of fixing it.

I sometimes ask inappropriate questions (oops, I know I shouldn’t) just because I am really curious about people. The more I know, the easier it is for me to imagine their world. And yeah, people fascinate me.

This way of being gave me a different approach into design. I don’t see interior design as a perfect picture from magazines where the presence of people would ruin the great balance. I don’t think design is for show, but to bring together. I don’t believe in strict interior design styles, but I am obsessed with functionality. I don’t suggest small decorative items, because I believe that every person has objects that have an emotional value that could fill and personalize their space. I like to just make sure that they will have the right spot to expose it.

Growing up in post-communist Romania helped me witness the many changes in living and working environments. As a kid, I remember the small apartments, with a lot of hallways, small windows and a general close feeling. Everyone had one of the very limited furniture models, with a very heavy and dark look. I remember when I saw the first “out of the pattern” apartment, with an open kitchen, a corner sofa and colored pieces of furniture. It was amazing, it opened a new world in my mind. I started questioning how someone should feel living in such a different space. And my curiosity about people, about how they feel and about what they see the world  is still very present till this day. I love to listen, to observe, to make connections. This created the foundation about how I see interior design. And maybe because I have this background, my favorite projects are the most complicated – small rooms, weird layouts or bad natural illumination.  Also I think that financial restriction can find a way out if you have a complete perspective about what you need from a space. And I believe that anyone should feel confident to ask a designer’s opinion without being afraid of the cost. 

I started working in the architecture field in 2008, when I was still in university. After graduation, I continued as an architect, but something was missing. The buildings were big, but my presence was limited. I had to take care that everything was correct – building regulations, blueprints, project schedules. And it all happened so slowly. I wanted to be more involved, to interact more with the client than the authorities.

So, in 2014, I started my Interior Designer path. It was like a fresh breath, I had more control, it all happened faster, I didn’t have so many restrictions and I could see my projects come to life in a few months. Spaces were controllable, I learnt to listen a lot, to observe my clients, their lifestyle, to find out what would make them feel like home.

When companies needed my help with their work space it was another great challenge. I found a lot about how companies tried to provide a nice working environment for their employees or their clients, but always think about the financial aspect of the investment. So I designed creative and efficient spaces, dynamic and joyful areas, keeping my eyes on the budget and supervising the development of the project in relation to anyone involved.

After becoming a mom, a new world just opened. My interest in children’s rooms and family gathering spaces was intense. I found it fascinating how every family is so similar and so different at the same time and I took the challenge of finding the best designed space for all my clients. (and yes, I like to hear all the desires and expectations, even if they come from a 4 year old client). 

So, after 9 years in this field, I continue enjoying every new project and every new client, because I am lucky enough to never get bored.


I was always saying that architecture is like a puzzle, you have to fit all the pieces, until everything comes together. Then you will know that you have the right product.